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My truly best friend
Selasa, 5 April 2011 | 12:57 PG | 0 Comment{s}
I want to tell you another story, it's about my truly bestfriend, hope you all enjoy read it. . .

This is the gurl that I talk about.


I still remember that I've got an accident with Amieza, about a year ago. On the weekend, I've told my friend to assemble at my grandparents house because we had to practice a drama that Teacher Nazariah told us.

And that time, we're very childish. We're not practice bur we're playing together. We playing happily without bother about what can happened to us. I and Amieza decide to cycle the bicycle. I ride the bicycle and the other were at home. They're waiting for their turn.

I act like a brave person because I decided to go down through the hill. Unluckly, the break was hang. We had an accident infront Cikgu Norlihana's house. Luckily, there were many small trees along the road or we go down crevass.

I can't breath at the time because the handle hit my chest. I tried to breath or I'll die. Amieza sat at the back, so she can walk as usually. She quickly go to my grandparents house and told the other about what happened to us. They came swiftly, I tried to walk but I can't.

My truly best friend, Fatin carried me on her back. Once I fall, she carried me again. She never said that shewas tired carried me. She is my truly best friend. She never numble and mad at me about what I've done. Amieza and I, realised that we had done nothing along the day unless playing and wasted our time. We apologised to our friend and we won't di that again.

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Anis Sakinah